If you have just come across flower & vibrational essences you might be wondering what exactly are they? What is the difference between an essence and a remedy or what can they actually do?  So here are a few answers to help you discover a little more about these amazing little bottles of energy.

 Remedy or Essence?

Bach Flower Remedies are perhaps the most well-known flower essences with many people being familiar with the little yellow bottle of ®Rescue Remedy however there are many other essence ranges available, created not only from

flowers but from trees, crystals, minerals and other natural sources. When Dr Bach created the Bach range back in the 1930’s he gave them the name of remedies but as time went on people felt that this could give the impression of them being a “medicine”, something they aren’t so the term Essences started to be used instead. So regardless whether you see them called Remedies or Essences they are essentially the same thing.

What do they do?

 All Flower and Vibrational essences are a form of energetic healing each with its own unique signature or message to help support our emotional well-being and restore our energetic balance. They do this by help us with a whole range of different issues and questions such as helping us to trust or find our inner voice, find clarity when we are struggling to find our path forward or to let go of emotions which no longer serve us. Essences can also help us deal with the stresses that life has a habit of throwing at us or face up to and work through fears or anxieties such as flying.

How are Essences made?

 Each individual Essence is created by imprinting the unique energetic signature of a flower, plant, crystal or another natural source onto water using sunlight, moonlight or by boiling and there are 3 main ways of doing this:

By placing the flower, crystal or other energetic source into a bowl of water and then left in sunlight, moonlight or boiled for a period of time allowing for the energy of the source to imprint into the water.

The next method is to place a bowl of water close to the energetic source but not to have direct contact between the two then again leaving this in the sun or moonlight. This method is preferred when working with rare, delicate or potentially toxic plants, crystals and minerals. The result is still a powerful essence but without damage or risk being caused.

Finally there is using intention and meditation when the essence creator, or more correctly co-creator as the source is part of the process, will channel the energy of the source into the water. This method is particularly used to create essences which harness the power, characteristics and energy of animals or elementals.

Whichever method is used the result is an imprint of energy from the source into the water to form a tincture which can be taken directly or preserved with alcohol or other suitable substance to produce a stock bottle. From this stock bottle you can then dilute a few drops in a combination bottle to make it go further and use it on its on or with other essences you are drawn to.

I hope that’s given a little bit of an insight to what Flower & Vibrational Essences are and next time I’ll look at ways to select and take your Essences.  It is important to say that Flower & Vibrational Essences are very much about helping to support us on an emotional rather than a physical level and although they are safe to be used alongside any medications being taken or therapies they shouldn’t be taken as a replacement without seeking medical advice first.

 If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message at mandiedanks@positiveessence.co.uk or pop over to the Facebook page here.

Mandie xx