Essence Consultations for You

There are times when we all need a little extra support for one reason or another and Essences can provide the support to help us through these times, give us clarity and help us work through anxieties and fears. During your Essence consultation I will provide you with the space to discuss whatever is on your mind before suggesting Essences which I feel will be helpful for your unique situation.

Consultations can be held in person for those in the Ayrshire & Glasgow area or for those further afield via Skype with telephone and email consultations also available.

Once we have talked about your individual needs and situation I will blend an Essence bottle made to your own unique requirements for you to take away with you or for distance clients being posted first class within 24 hours, subject to bank holidays and Sunday postal services.

Consultation prices from £40.

Bespoke Essence Blends

For those who would like an unique Essence blend  but without the need for a full consultation I offer a dowsing service. For this I will ask for some basic information from you then using my pendulum select Essences which I will then use to create your bespoke blend.

Bespoke Essence blends are also available without consultation for those who either know the essences they require or have had a previous consultation. You can choose up to 6 Essences from either the Bach Flower Remedy or Findhorn Essence ranges with others  being available on request.

Please add a note of what you require when making payment or drop me a quick email. I will happily put together your blend and post it to you within 48 hours. If you could also indicate whether the blend is other yourself, a family member or an animal.

Prices for Bespoke blends are:

£12 including postage for repeat/client selected blends.

£24 including postage for dowsed blends.

Essence Consultations for Animals

Just as we do, the animals we share our lives with can feel the negative effects of fear, stress, anxiety and many other emotions which can lead to our animals displaying behaviours and problems that they need some additional support with.

Consultations are available in-person at a location suitable for your pet and via Skype or telephone. During a consultation we will discuss what is going on for your pet while I observe their behaviour, take into account their history and any other relevant information. Following this I will then discuss suitable Essences with you before tailoring a unique Essence combination to help support them while we work together to restore their happiness and zest for life. When working at a distance I will ask for videos or photos of your pet to help me determine the best Essences to suggest.

Consultation prices from £45. Travel outwith the North Ayrshire/Glasgow area may incur an additional cost.

Reiki - In person or Distance

As well as working with Flower & Vibrational Essences I also offer Reiki, a gentle form of energy work which can help support well-being and promote relaxation. Reiki is available for both people and animals either as a standalone sessions or in  combination with Essences.

In-person sessions are available for those able to travel to North Ayrshire with real-time distance Reiki offered to individuals who this isn’t suitable for for one reason or another.

For animals I am happy to travel to their homes, yard or other location within a set distance of my home. This is often far less stressful than being brought to a strange environment and again I also offer distance Reiki for those this isn’t suitable for.

Prices start from £25 in-person and £20 for distance treatments with prices for animals also from £25 although travel outwith the North Ayrshire and Glasgow areas may incur an additional cost.

To book or discuss your requirements please use the button below.

Please note

For animals: During our consultation I may suggest seeking additional support in the form of a suitable qualified professional such as a behaviourist rather than relying on Essences alone or ask for veterinary advice to be sought. I am always more than happy to work with any professionals already involved in the care or training of your pet and may ask for veterinary referral in some cases.

For all: If you or your animal are taking prescribed medications, Flower & Vibrational Essences are not intended as a replacement to these but rather to be used alongside. Any changes to medications should only be made after discussion with your doctor or physician or in the case of your pet their veterinary and I will not make any suggestions or recommendations regarding these matters.

 If you feel you are experiencing severe emotional issues or have concerns about your mental health then you should seek the opinion of a qualified medical professional. ​


All Essences I use are safe to be used alongside medications and other therapies or treatments. If you have any concerns then drop me a quick message.

Need Something Special?

Should you be looking for a specific Essence, an alcohol free blend or perhaps a workshop then get in touch.

Feel Free to Chat

If you are unsure if an Essence consultation is for you then get in touch. I’m more than happy to have a chat with you.

Fully Insured

I am fully insurance through Balens insurance and a copy of this or any of my qualifications are available on request.