If you have just come across Flower & Vibrational essences you might be wondering what exactly are they and how they can be used? Even if you have known about remedies or essences for sometime, maybe using them for yourself you might be wondering how they can support the dog in your life.  In this blog I hope to answer some of these questions for you and help you discover a little more about these amazing little bottles of energy.

Remedy or Essence?

Bach Flower Remedies are perhaps the most well-known flower essences with many people being familiar with the little yellow bottle of ®Rescue Remedy however there are many other essence ranges available, created not only from flowers but from trees, crystals, minerals, other natural sources and in some ranges human intention. When Dr Bach created the Bach Flower Remedies back in the 1930’s he gave them the name of remedies but as time went on people felt that this could give the impression of them being a “medicine”, something they aren’t and as a result the term Essences started to be used instead. So regardless whether you see them called Remedies or Essences they are the same thing.

What do they do?

All Flower and Vibrational essences are a form of energetic healing, with each having its own unique signature or message which can support the emotional well-being of ourselves and our animals. This means they can be really useful to help us work through emotions, issues or blocks that are having an effect on the thoughts, behaviour or interactions that we and the animals we share our lives with experience, whether these feelings are current or in the past. Essences can also help us find clarity when we find ourselves lacking direction, help move us forward when we get stuck either because we are struggling to make a decision or perhaps we fall into old patterns and they can give us that extra little bit of support when we need it, say to sit an exam or are dealing with a challenging situation.

For our dogs they can help support training programmes, move past previous experiences such as trauma or perhaps when coming from rescue and assist with fear related issues and reactivity. They can also be useful at times of change, for instance moving house, going into kennels or the addition of a new family member (two legged or four!) or the loss of a companion.

Of course they do not provide a magic answer and other support may also be need such as behavioural guidance.

Are they the same as Essential Oils?

In a word no, Flower and vibrational essences contain no physical parts of the plant or source energy unlike essential oils which do. This means that an essence will not have smell other than the substance used to preserve them, another crucial difference is that essences work on an emotional and energetic level rather than on a physical one which essential oils can do.

To create an essence the unique energetic signature of a flower, plant, crystal or another natural source is imprinted onto water using sunlight, moonlight or by boiling unlike essential oils which most commonly distilled or cold pressed.

How do you choose and use Essences?

To choose which essences will be most beneficial for you or your dog you first want to identify what is happening emotionally at that time.  It maybe that you find that you are particularly drawn to particular essence or essences and in some cases you might find you have a strong reaction against one. These are always worth exploring further, For our dogs it is a similar process, looking at their behaviour, their personality and also their history when it is known then begin the selection process from there looking for descriptions that resonate. However if a particular essence jumps out at you, trust your instincts even if the description of it doesn’t make sense at that point in time, often it will become clear. It can also be the case that if your dog requires a certain essence that you will also benefit from it as our dogs are often mirrors for our own emotions, something I have personal experience of with the dogs in my life.

Once you have made your selection as a rule of thumb you can mix up to 7 together in a combination bottle but this can vary depending on the range you are using so do check the stock bottles. You would then pop a few drops from this bottle into water to be taken several times a day. Because essences are safe, non-toxic and non-habit forming you can use them as often as needed without risk. They can also be taken alongside medication, treatments and therapies without any counter-indications.

I hope that’s given you an introduction to Flower & Vibrational Essences for you and your dog and next time I’ll look at my top 5 essences go to essences. If you would like to discuss booking a consultation for you or your dog then you can find out more information here or can get in touch through the contact page, Facebook or email mandiedanks@positiveessence.co.uk

Until next time very best wishes



It is important to stress that Flower or vibrational essences are not a replacement for veterinary, medical care or suitable professional behavioural advice.  

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