(ok, so it might be 6!)

Just like us, our dogs can be affected by the stresses of day-to-day life and their behaviour can often mirror our own responses to situations as they are very good at tuning in to our emotions and reactions to situations. Flower essences are one way to support them through this and essences can be a valuable addition to training and behavioural programmes. However choosing which ones will be best for your canine companion can be confusing, so here are 5 of my favourites from the Bach range.

Needless to say if your dog has a sudden change in their behaviour, is showing aggression or is causing you cause for concern then please do consult a suitably qualified professional for further advice and guidance.

With 38 different remedies in the Bach range it can be hard to choose just 5 but Clematis is one that I will frequently turn to. Often described as being a remedy for daydreamers or for those whose thoughts are somewhere off in the future rather than in the present moment Clematis might not immediately sounds as though it relates to our dogs. However this remedy is very useful for grounding, so think of a dog who is unable to focus, rushing from one thing to the next without engaging with their person or the dog is overstimulated when faced with certain situations, such as seeing other dogs out on a walk, someone knocking the front door or for some simply life itself.

The next in my go to list is White Chestnut, very useful for dogs (and people for that matter) who overthink things and have trouble switching off. For a dog this might be they find it difficult to settle, pacing and whining, getting up and down from their bed as soon as you move or when they hear a noise. You might also consider this remedy for a dog who appears to worry overly about certain things, shows anxiety or repeats certain behaviours as White Chestnut can help calm and break cycles of behaviour, especially when used in combination with suitable training protocol.

Although we try to give our dogs the support they need there are times that we can ask them to cope with situations that they may find challenging and at times like these Walnut is extremely valuable. It could be something like a trip to the vets, groomers or kennels, maybe there is going to be a new addition to the family (either 2 legged or 4!), there is going to be some significant change in their life or you are working through a behaviour or training programme together. Walnut essence (remedy) can provide a sense of security, helping them to cope with what they are experiencing. Think of it like giving your dog a protective bubble.

The final remedies I have in my go to group are Aspen and Mimulus, ok I know that takes us to 6 but I really couldn’t choose between them! Both of these remedies are related to fear or anxiety but they differ slightly in that Aspen is for unknown fears whereas Mimulus so for known fears. When selecting these remedies it is important to remember that you are selecting from your dogs point of view, not yours. So ask yourself does your dog really know what they are worried by or is it your interpretation of what is going on? If you are unsure look at what is going on around your dog, have they shown similar behaviour before or is it an isolated incident, is there something in their history that might give a clue? You might not really know what your dog is scared of but they do, dogs can generalise past experiences connecting them to seemingly unrelated events, smells or even people. If in doubt you can give both remedies but the better we understand our dogs, their behaviour and their choices the better selections we can make for them.

As I said at the beginning there are many different essences available from a whole host of producers and over the coming months I will be looking at a selection of these.

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Finally if you are an essence producer who would like to talk about your range then I would love to hear from you and again you can send me a message or email through the details above.

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